The Henry Building

  • Location:Portland, OR
  • Owner:Central City Concern
  • Architect:SERA
  • Year Completed:2020
Affordable Housing Historic Nonprofit

The Henry Building, built in 1909, provides 177 supportive and deeply affordable homes. As the GC, COLAS implemented a complete retrofitting to course-correct the deterioration of the building to current life-safety seismic requirements, added four concrete cores, 24 new apartment units, residential upgrades throughout, including three retail spaces. With the reprogramming of 2 levels, we added 1,870 SF to this treasured 6-story mixed-use development. The National Register of Historic Places includes The Henry Building, located at SW 4th Ave. between SW Harvey Milk and SW Oak. The project included the complete restoration of historical features from the exterior’s Chicago brick to each corridor’s intricate hexagonal tile, the classic iron rails of the staircase, and the original bank vault in the entryway. Modern additions of built-in window systems, appliances, and rooftop solar arrays enhance energy-saving measures.