Rockwood Market Hall

  • Location:Portland, OR
  • Owner:RKM Development
  • Architect:YBA Architects
  • Year Completed:2022
Office Retail

Comprised of 3-stories and nearly 40,000 SF, The Rockwood Market Hall is the heart of downtown Rockwood, a diverse and growing community in East Portland. Twelve micro-restaurants, four micro-retail spaces, multiple commercial kitchens, open-air breezeways, and a market hall for visitors and tenants alike to enjoy flavor profiles of great depth and treasures from around the world! All while gathering in a space inspired by connection- for all ages and with skills training opportunities for job-ready youth and adults in a community-centered environment built to empower.

Eighteen garage doors were installed, with the majority enclosing many micro-businesses, along with the exterior of the building made of Prodema cladding, painted fiber cement, and stucco. Bold, warm tones of red and natural wood compliment the modern structure, along with vibrant splashes of yellow, green, and blue accents. Like the open market hall, the office spaces were built as a shell to allow future tenants to have creative agency for the finished design. Eight-foot-tall windows throughout the 2nd and 3rd levels invite ample natural light to fill the building while boasting east views of Mt. Hood and stunning sunsets to the west; the Rockwood Market Hall is one that we are excited to encourage all to experience.