Portland Playhouse
Renovation & Addition

  • Location:NE Portland
  • Owner:Portland Playhouse
  • Architect:SERA Architects
  • Year Completed:2019
Non Profit

Colas Construction partnered with Portland Playhouse, a local nonprofit that produces culturally diverse and socially relevant productions intended to engage the local community both on stage and through school classrooms. This project includes a significant renovation within the existing building, the addition of a 1,465-sf building on site and providing design intent for the outdoor spaces. In the Playhouse’s basement, Colas helped to construct openness to the behind-the-curtain spaces, which includes new offices, dressing rooms, a green room, kitchen and communal area. On the first floor, the public-facing lobby has been refreshed and existing facilities were converted to gender-neutral bathrooms. Next to the historic church, a new, modern outbuilding provides dedicated rehearsal and community space, along with a production shop for set construction.