Hill Park

  • Location:SW Portland
  • Owner:Central City Concern
  • Architect:Carleton Hart Architects
  • Year Completed:2017
  • Sustainability/Certifications: EA Commercial Platinum
Affordable Housing

Hill Park is a three-story apartment building with 39-units of studio and 1-bedroom homes in the Lair Hill neighborhood. This affordable housing project spans over 25,000 SF and is focused on residents to receive services to support those experiencing houselessness, poverty, addictions, and mental illness. In addition, there are offices, a large reception area and a community room for gathering. COLAS with CHA led the coordination of the design and placement for the photovoltaic solar panel system, located on the roof deck. Strategies to enhance sustainability on a budget included stormwater detention, increased insulation, large windows, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances to maximize effectiveness for the building and its residents.