Sustainability is a guiding principle for Colas Construction

As a company, we are committed to positively transforming communities. Our practices cultivate a vibrant, inclusive and diverse workforce through three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social.

Environmental Sustainability

As a born-and-bred Portland contractor, Colas Construction champions the green practices and environmentalism for which our region is so well known. We have completed and are currently engaged in a growing number of LEED-certified buildings and look forward to a future of construction positively impacting the environment. We believe in renewable resources and energy, abundant natural lighting, low-energy and smart technology to make our projects’ emissions cleaner and more efficient. Everyone in Colas Construction participates in a “green” mindset—not because we enforce it, but because it’s part of our culture.

Economic Sustainability

Colas Construction supports local businesses whenever we can. Our main office is located off the MAX line and we encourage our employees to ride our excellent public transit to work. We hire as many local Sub-contractors as possible, and we bring projects to neighborhoods that need new businesses, affordable housing, and community centers.

Social Sustainability

At Colas Construction, we hire the best-qualified individuals and offer real chances for those who may have been overlooked or marginalized. We see growing minority and women-owned businesses as a socially sustainable practice because we understand the barriers to entry in our industry. Taking time to train everyone with our company’s standards, no matter their background generates trust and lasting quality.