Colas Construction manages Pre-Construction services to match budgetary needs and schedules. Our standard approach involves working on design-development as it progresses from its early stages until completion.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Cost estimating throughout the design development
  • Provide timely independent estimates at design milestones
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Value-based input from key sub-contractors
  • Identify critical long-lead items
  • Contribute value engineering ideas

Under Construction

Colas Construction has extensive building experience across public, private and nonprofit sectors, and numerous factors make us the best choice for your next construction project. Our in-house structural concrete offers a unique advantage to our clients to regulate pricing, enhance quality control and safety, and reduce schedule impacts. Long-standing relationships with Sub-contractors create a team-oriented, collaborative approach to resolve any project issues that arise.

  • Our scheduling process consists of thorough planning, clear expectations, and team commitment. Superintendents create a full CPM schedule to serve as the outline for your project.
  • Quality assurance and attention to detail are our primary concerns during construction. With our construction management software, owners and design teams can respond, update or print meeting minutes, submittal data, shop drawings, document logs, and all relevant project information online. This allows for rapid decision making and constant coordination.
  • While technology can make our lives easier, Colas Construction understands the importance of a phone call or face-to-face meeting. Headquartered in downtown Portland, we are readily available for our clients. Our culture of openness and transparency helps us meet project goals and achieve a higher-quality end product.
  • Although there is tremendous pressure to deliver in our industry, we never sacrifice safety standards. Safety is always the first topic of every onsite meeting. Colas Construction Superintendents and Foremen lead weekly safety meetings for all trades, as well as individual toolbox safety meetings with oncoming crews. We want everyone involved in our projects to return home safely every day.

We won’t leave you hanging

Colas Construction’s commitment to clients does not end with a project’s construction completion. We transition clients through Post-Construction: delivering fully operational projects, the training to maintain them and the dedication to resolve any issues, from initial building turnover to beyond the warranty period.

  • Building turnover services
  • Operations manuals
  • As-built design documentation
  • Warranty information on all products and equipment
  • Training for specialized systems