Delivery Systems

Design/Build is a construction project delivery system that helps us manage our project team from start to finish. The Design/Build system offers transparency for architects, engineers, and consultants. The result is substantial time savings for the owner.

Design Build

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Streamlined Communication and Compression of Management
  • Value-Based

Building the way buildings want to be built

Colas Construction has used Design/Build with some of the premier architectural firms in our region to generate value for our owners, maintain budgets and stay ahead of the project schedule.

Construction Manager / General Contractor

The Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) augments the General Contractor’s traditional work scope with that of a Construction Manager. Under a single contract with the owner early in the design phase, the CM/GC allows the General Contractor to collaborate with the architect and engineer on design development and design document preparation prior to finalizing budgets and beginning construction. Utilizing this approach, Colas Construction has reduced project time and created significant cost savings for our clients.


  • Collaborative Team Approach
  • Efficient Constructability
  • Targeted Goals

General Contractor

The General Contractor (GC) is responsible for the means and methods of executing a construction project.        GCs manage construction documents and select subcontractors to ensure efficiency and provide expertise throughout the building process.


In addition to established relationships with reputable local and regional Sub-contractors, as a GC, Colas Construction enhances value by self-performing certain aspects of projects at the client’s request. Colas Construction project teams have demonstrated outstanding value and service for a wide variety of complex and difficult project types throughout our company’s history and will continue to do so well into its future.

  • Experienced Estimators reduce the budget and add value to projects
  • Skilled Project Managers understand how to procure your projects and build quality project teams
  • Qualified Superintendents construct projects according to the plans, time, and budget

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

IPD integrates all partners from the beginning of the design and construction process to the end. Designers, builders, and ownership all share a common goal of maximizing productivity and eliminating wasteful process methods to focus on value delivery. The IPD system holds all team members accountable.

  • Decreases Wasteful Needs
  • Enhances Accountability
  • Generates Good Faith

Colas Construction uses IPD to generate budgets and to keep contractors, designers and ownership partners well-informed.